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What is a creative person?

We pride ourselves in both creativity and problem solving. But what makes a creative person who they are? I think that a persons experience can set them apart from the competition when you look at what makes them tick, here are some observations about creative people:

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Creative people do not play by the rules

They enjoy being outlaws, breaking rules, and thumbing their noses at convention and conformity. They invent new ways to do old things.


Creative people are curious

They are intrigued by what they might create, they are curious about the physical world around them, relationships, and the inner world of ideas and emotions.

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Creative people are different

And they do not mind being different. My mother would tell me as a child: “Yes, Daniel you are different, but in being different, you are special.” She gave me permission to accept my “differentness”; that is the permission creative people need to give themselves.


Creative people love putting things together

. . . especially things that at first do not appear to fit, but later the arrangements appears obvious. These things can be words, images, musical notes, colors, shapes, physical objects and ideas . . . .

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Creative people are adventurous.

They love to travel, to see new things, and to explore the world around them as well as the inner world of their minds, hearts and souls.


Creative people see things

where others do not. Photographers will see possibilities on a rainy day, for it is then that the light is softest. Creative people put things together, on a canvas or in a stew pot. They may put two and two together and come up with 22 instead of four.