Jake & Savanah's Profile

We have an interest in doing work for trade for housing, We are very interested in different life experiences that would include farming, caretaking, animal care. We both have an interest in Mycology and growing mushrooms and would benefit a lot from some hands on experience on a farm or property. We spend a lot of time outdoors foraging wild plants and mushrooms, and we are interested in minimalist living, living off the grid, and living off nature. We are both 25 years old, and have the worlds chillest 6 year old cat named Blue.

Savanah Haines

I grew up and live in a small town on the Oregon coast. I am an avid animal lover and nature enthusiast. I have an immense interest in identifying and learning about plants, animals, and mushrooms, and love the concept of living off the land.

I have worked as an intern at an herbal medicine business, where duties included gardening, harvest and processing plants/herbs, and crafting medicinal products. I’ve worked a lot in customer service and love connecting with people. I’ve also done a lot of house, animal, and babysitting around my community, as well as some construction and painting work.

I graduated from Oregon coast community college in 2020 with an associate's degree and plan to continue with schooling later on toward biology, specializing in mycology.

Most of all, I would love and benefit from a hands-on experience with farm work and land maintenance. I’m a very dedicated worker and will strive to be a fundamental part of a sustainable environment. I like to cook and play guitar.

Jake Wollin

I grew up on my family’s 11 acre wooded property in Wisconsin gardening, bushwhacking and from a young age took care of many kinds of pets including dogs, cats, chickens and even bred turtles. When I moved to the Oregon coast I became fascinated with the diversity of nature in the PNW. Very interested in wild plant identification, foraging, fishing, sustainable farming and living off the land.

Experience helping on farms and house sitting/animal sitting. Recently I’ve worked at a Doggy Daycare and was responsible for cleaning, caretaking, feeding both day and night. I’ve also worked in housekeeping and am a hard, dedicated worker. I’m experienced in gardening, property maintenance. I also play the banjo and enjoy cooking.

Studied Art at Evergreen Community College and City College in San Jose, California.