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Website Maintenance Contract


Contact Name Contact Number
Company Name
Website URL



will provide website maintenance services to the client listed above, beginning on {date}.



will provide the following services to the Client, which are part of the {name of package} package:

{details of the service, including technical support, updating of links, content changes, additional pages, etc.}

Any other maintenance and/or changes that exceed the above package will be billed at {amount in dollars} per hour, and will be covered
in a separate written document.



Client agrees to pay {Contractor} a total fee of {amount in dollars} for the above listed package, not including any
additional maintenance or changes.

Payment will be made in the following manner: {details of payment plan}.

Late payments will {details of what happens when a payment is late}.


Permission and Confidentiality

Client will grant {Contractor} complete access to the web page listed above, including all write permissions necessary for the work.

agrees that any knowledge gained as a result of this relationship shall remain confidential.

further agrees that all of the Client’s materials accessed during the website maintenance, including but not limited to logos, written materials, and
products, belong solely to the Client. {Contractor} has no rights to these items in any way.

will maintain ownership of the specific designs, including texts, graphics and photos, that he/she/it creates for the purposes of this website

will maintain the right to use any part of the website in his/her/its portfolio or advertising campaign.




___________________________                                           __________________________

Client Name                                                                             Client Signature

Date: ______________________


___________________________                                           __________________________

Contractor Name                                                                     Contractor Signature

Date: ______________________