Selling Brochures

Businesses are always looking for new ways to market themselves and increase revenue. One of the best ways to reach out to customers is through a stable, time-tested marketing solution, the printed brochure. There are five reasons why you should start paying attention to printed brochures and adding them to your marketing agenda.


Printed Brochures Are Selling Points

When you go to a conference or other large event, you must bring along some handouts to give to potential customers. Brochures are one of the easiest things you can hand out, and they are an excellent salesman for the company. After the interaction with a potential customer, the brochure is a physical reminder of your conversation. It can help to drive business months after meeting with customers.

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Making it Tangible

Some people like to have a hard copy when they are considering your business. Having a printed brochure that they can hold in their hand helps to prove that your brand is legitimate. A hard copy also gives them something to reference when they are considering your business, and it is easy for them to share with others. You can upload your brochures to your website as well, where the customers can print off additional copies to share them with their contacts.

Easy Marketing

One of the great things about a brochure is how easy they are to create and to sell to the customers. A good brochure allows you to put your companies contact information on it, so the customers know how to get in touch when they are ready to learn more or make a purchase. Some companies are still focused on a demographic that is not tech savvy and looks for their purchasing information in other ways. For the customers that are not as familiar with websites, a brochure will reach out to them on their level.

Cost Effective Solution

Printing a large amount of brochures will save you money on each piece. Out of the various marketing options available, brochure marketing is one of the easiest ways to promote your business. Gordon Graphics offers exceptional service and quality brochure printing services for companies throughout the Phoenix area.

Printed Brochure Design – Rebel Media

Custom Printed Brochure Design created for a company in Phoenix, AZ.

Easy to Create

You can create brochures for several different purposes. Some companies use them for product promotion while others use them as a reference when giving presentations. Many companies will have multiple brochures created for different aspects of their business. It is great to have a detailed brochure when launching a new product or service so that potential customers can learn more about them. In addition to that it is awesome to have printed brochures detailing different service plans so that customers can visually compare and contrast the differences between them and write down their own notes and calculations right there on the brochure. Brochures are used to highlight the best points of your business and products and to provide more in depth information that may not be available anywhere else.