Selling Mobile Apps

No matter what your approach to selling apps is, there are a few guidelines that are useful in all scenarios. Whether you view sales as a performance, as a conversation, as therapy, or as a problem-solving endeavor, these tips are things that you should never forget.

1. Practice makes perfect

Some sellers never take the time to try out their pitch and evaluate it outside of a sales call or meeting. Rehearse in front of a mirror, or record your pitch, then listen to it objectively or get some outside feedback. You’ll be surprised at what you find, and we can promise you there’s at least one thing in your pitch you’ll want to change.

2. Do your homework

It’s mandatory to know what your prospect’s company does. There’s nothing that sinks a sale faster than making a statement that shows that you have no clue about your prospect. You don’t have to do extensive research, but a quick visit to a website should always be your first step before dialing.

3. Be honest

Many customers are new to the idea of apps, but that isn’t a license to lie. And few of us are as clever as we think we are. If you try to obscure the truth, your prospect will probably see through it.

Just be honest, and earn business the right way.

4. “Buy in” to your product

How do you feel about apps? Do you believe in the value they can deliver? If not, you won’t be able to sell them effectively.

Read up on the many ways that apps can provide value to businesses, and learn what makes them so useful. Once you understand the real value of apps, your own passion for the product can carry a lot of conversations and convert prospects much more effectively.

5. Light a fire under the prospect

A little pressure is a good thing. When it comes to apps and mobile technology, the statistics show that more users are connecting via mobile devices than by desktops. This means that the world is moving to the mobile space, and that businesses that haven’t gone mobile are missing out on opportunities and falling behind forward-thinking competition.

Share these facts, and let prospects know that mobile tech is not something that can wait forever. When it comes to mobile, the best time to get started is yesterday, and the second-best time is today.

6. Be direct and clear; keep it simple

Mobile tech can be confusing for some small business decision-makers. Explain things clearly and directly. Don’t try to convince prospects that you’re a tech guru and that they simply need to trust you. Instead, describe the way mobile tech works and the benefits of it in a way that anyone can understand. After all, almost no one will become a buyer before they understand what they’re buying.

You’ve got a great product to sell. Now all you need is a great pitch.

Put them together, and you’ll have a great business!